Supreme-ChampionshipShow Jumping-Class 5 - 100cmShow Jumping-Class 4 - 90cmShow Jumping-Class 3 - 80cmShow Jumping-Class 2 - 70cmShow Jumping-Class 1- 60cmRidden-ChampionshipIn Hand-ChampionshipClass 9-Lead Rein and 1st RiddenClass 8-Young StockClass 7-Mixed BreedClass 6-M and M Small and LargeClass 5-ThoroughbredClass 4-VeteranClass 3-ColouredClass 24-Horse, Pony Judge would most like to take homeClass 23-Best Fancy DressClass 20-Most Handsome GeldingClass 2-Pure BreedClass 19-Riding Club HorseClass 18-Pony Club PonyClass 17-Show HorseClass 16-Race Horse to Riding HorseClass 15-Ridden HunterClass 14-M and M Small and LargeClass 13-VeteranClass 10-NoviceClass 1-Young Handler