C01a-Novice mixed heightC01b-Open mixed heightC02-WH over 148cmC02a- Tiny totsC03-Cradle StakesC04-Novice Nursery StakesC05-Open RIHS Nursery StakesC06-Open RIHS WHP to 133cmC07-Open RIHS WHP  133 - 143cmC08-OPEN RIHS WHP 143 - 153cmC09-OPEN RIHS WHP 148 - 158cmC10-Novice Heritage WHPC15-Novice Intermediate Show HunterC16-Open Intermediate Show HunterC17-Novice SHP 143 - 153cmC18-Novice SHP 133 -  143cmC21-Open Pony of SH type 143 - 153cmC22-Open Pony of SH type 133 - 143cmC23-Open Pony of SH type 122 - 133cmC24-Open Pony of SH type to 122cmC25-Open LR Pony of Hunter typeC26-Open 1st  Pony of Hunter typeC27-Novice Show Pony to 128cmC28-Novice Show Pony 128 - 138cmC29-Novice Show Pony 138 - 148cmC30-Open Show Pony to 128cmC32-Open Show Pony 138 to 148cmC33-Mixed Height Novice IntermediateC34-Mixed Height Open IntermediateC35-Horse Class over 148cmC36-Lead Rein to 122cmC37-1st Ridden to 122cmC38-Ridden Part BredC39-Ridden Part Bred - Welsh, Arab onlyC40-Non Native Pony to 153cmC41-Native, Trad, CobC42-Open Coloured RiddenC45-Heritage Open LRC47-Novice Ridden Small BreedsChampionship-Mini champ c25,26Championships-ColouredChampionships-Heritage Novice C47,48Championships-Heritage OpenChampionships-Mini WH C3,5Championships-Novice Show PonyChampionships-Open IntermediateChampionships-Open mini C36,37Championships-Open SH PonyChampionships-Open Show Pony C30-32Championships-Open WHPChampionships-Part Bred