C 01 WHP-Lead ReinC 02 WHP-Tiny Tots Starter StakesC03 WHP-Training StakesC04 WHP-Cradle StakesC05 WHP-Novice Nursery StakesC06 WHP-Open Restricted Nursery StakesC07 WHP-Training StakesC08 WHP-BSPS Mixed heght NoviceC09 WHP-BSPS Mixed heght Open RestrC10 Heritaage WHP-M and M Cradle StakesC11 Heritaage WHP-M and M Nursery StakesC12 Heritage WHP-M and M NoviceC13 Heritage WHP-M and M OpenC14-Heritage Novice Ridden TrainingC15 Heritage Novice Ridden-M and M Small BreedsC16 Heritage Novice Ridden-M and M Large BreedsC17 Heritage Ridden-BSPS Open Datmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, A,BC18 Heritage Ridden-BSPS Open Fell, Dale,New For, Conne, C,DC19-BSPS Heritage Novice LRC20-BSPS Heritage Novice 1st RiddenC21-BSPS Heritage Open LRC23-BSPS Heritage Young Riders MM Mixed breedsC25 SHP-BSPS Open Lead ReinC26 SHP-BSPS 1st PonyC27-BSPS Novice SHP 143-153cmC28-BSPS Novice SHP 133-143cmC29-BSPS Novice SHP 122-133cmC31-BSPS Open Rest Mixed height SHPC32-BSPS  Mixed height Novice Int SHPC33-BSPS  Mixed height Open Restr Int SHPC34-BSPS Lead Rein Show PonyC35-BSPS 1st Ridden Show PonyC36-Restricted Part bred ponyC38-Novice Show Pony Inc ChampC41-BSPS Mixed Height Open Show PonyChampionships-Classes 32, 33Championships-Heritage miniChampionships-M and M Heritage Novice RiddenChampionships-Novice SHPChampionships-Show Hunter PonyChampionships-Show Ponies mini champChampsionships-BSPS Open Heritage Mixed Breeds