C2-Large Breeds 3yrs and underC3-Small Breeds 4yrs and overC6-M and M Novice1st RiddenC8-M and M 1st RiddenC9-M and M Novice Ridden Small BreedsC10-M and M Novice Ridden Large BreedsC11-Novice Ridden Dartmoor,m Exmoor, ShetlandC12-Novice Ridden Welsh A,BC13-Novice Ridden Welsh C,DC15-Novice Ridden Connemarra, New ForestC16-Open Ridden Small BreedsC17-Open Ridden Large BreedsChampionships-M and M In HandChampionships-Mini RiddenChampionships-Novice RiddenChampionships-Open RiddenChampionships-Pure Novice RiddenChampionships-Supreme