C039 Heavy Horses-YearlingC044 Heavy-RiddenC046 Dales-GeldingC047 Dales-MareC048 Dales-Brood Mare with foal at footC050 Dales-YearlingC051 Dales-2,3 yr oldC052 Dales-RiddenC053 Shetland-Stallion or ColtC054 Shetland-Mare or Gelding 4yrs plusC057 Shetland-YearlingC058 Shetland-2,3 yr oldC059 Shetland-Ridden under exhibitionC060 Mini Shetland-Stallion or coltC061 Mini Shetland-Mare or GeldingC064 Mini Shetland-YearlingC065 Mini Shetland-2,3 yr oldC066 M and M-Mare filly gelding IHC067 M and M-Ridden Under ExhibitionC068 M and M-Lead ReinC073 Fell-Mare or Gelding 4yrs plusC074 Fell-Brood Mare with foal at footC076 Fell-YearlingC077 Fell-2,3 yr oldC079 Welsh A, B-Stallion or colt 4yrs plusC080 Welsh A, B-Mare or Geldingt 4yrs plusC081 Welsh A, B-Mare with foal at footC083 Welsh A, B-Section A YearlingC084 Welsh A, B-Section A 2,3 yr oldC086 Welsh Sect B- Mare or Gelding 4yrs plusC087 Welsh-Sect B Mare with foal at footC089 Welsh B -Foal of mare from C87C090 Welsh B -2,3 yr oldC093 Welsh C-Mare, gelding 4yrs plusC097 Welsh -Sect C 2,3 yr oldC098 Welsh-Sect D Stallion or coltC099 Welsh-Sect D Mare, Gelding 4yrs plusC102 Welsh-Sect D YearlingC103 Welsh D-2,3 yr oldC104 Welsh D-VeteranChampionship-DalesChampionship-FellChampionship-Heavy HorsesChampionship-M and MChampionship-Mini ShetlandChampionship-Sect AChampionship-Sect BChampionship-Sect CChampionship-Sect DChampionship-ShetlandChampionship-Supreme IHGrand-ParadeShow JumpingShow pics-GeneralShow pics-portraits