Championship-Connemara In HandChampionship-DalesChampionship-FellsChampionship-Highland In HandChampionship-In HandChampionship-In Hand DartmoorChampionship-In Hand ExmoorChampionship-JuniorChampionship-Junior RiddenChampionship-Mini RiddenChampionship-Novice WHPChampionship-Open RiddenChampionship-Open WHPChampionship-RiddenChampionship-ShetlandChampionship-SupremeChampionship-Veteran IHChampionship-Welsh A and BChampionship-Welsh C and DChampionship-WHP Craddle StakesChampionship-Young Open RiddenClass 1 In Hand-Highland Pony 4yrs and overClass 2 In Hand-Highland Pony 3yrs and underClass 3 Fell Pony IH-3yrs and underClass 4 Fell Pony IH-4yrs and overClass 5 M and M Dales IH-3yrs and underClass 7 M and M Exmoor IH-3yrs and underClass 8 M and M Exmoor IH-4yrs and overClass 9 Dartmoor IH-3yrs and underClass 10 Dartmoor IH-4yrs and overClass 11 Shetland IH-3yrs and underClass 12 Shetland IH-4yrs and overClass 13 M and M New Forest IH-3yrs and underClass 13 New Forrest-3yrs and underClass 15 IH-Connemara Pony 3yrs and underClass 16 IH-Connemara Pony 4yrs and overClass 17 IH-Welsh A and B 3yrs and underClass 18 IH-Welsh A and B 4yrs and overClass 19 IH-Welsh C and D 3yrs and underClass 20 IH-Welsh C and D 4yrs and overClass 21 Home Produced-Small Breeds 4yrs and overClass 23 Home Produced-Large Breeds 4yrs and overClass 25 Veteran IH-Ponies to 138cmClass 26 Veteran IH-Ponies 138cm to 153cmClass 27 M and M Open Ridden-Welsh C and DClass 28 M and M Open Ridden-Dales, Fell, HighlandClass 29 M and M Open Ridden-New Forrest, ConnemaraClass 31 M and M Open Ridden-Dartmoor, Exmoor, ShetlandClass 33 M and M Young Open Ridden-5yrsClass 34 M and M Young Open Ridden-6yrsClass 35 M and M Novice Ridden-Dartmoor, Exmoor, ShetlandClass 36 M and M Novice Ridden-Welsh A and BClass 37 M and M Novice Ridden-New Forrest and ConnemaraClass 38 M and M Novice Ridden-Welsh C and DClass 39 M and M Novice Ridden-Fell, Highland, DalesClass 41 Intermediate Ridden-Welsh A and BClass 42 Intermediate Ridden-New Forrest and ConnemaraClass 43 Intermediate Ridden-Fell, Highland, DalesClass 43 M and M Intermediate Ridden-Fell, Highland, DalesClass 44 Intermediate Ridden-Welsh C and DClass 46 M and M Junior Ridden -Dales, Fell, Highland, New For, Conn, Welsh CClass 47 M and M Junior Ridden -Dales, Fell, Highland, New For, Conn, Welsh DClass 48 M and M Amateur Ridden-Ponies to 128cmClass 50 Veteran Ridden-Ponies to 138cmClass 52 Mini M and M-Lead ReinClass 53 Mini M and M-1st RiddenClass 54 Mini M and M-Novice Lead ReinClass 55 Mini M and M-Novice 1st RiddenClass 56 Novice WHP-Ponies to 122cmClass 57 Novice WHP-Ponies 122cm to 13cmClass 58 Novice WHP-Ponies 133cm to 143cmClass 59 Novice WHP-Ponies 143cm to 148cmClass 60 Intermediate WHP-Ponies to 122cmClass 61 Intermediate WHP-Ponies 12cm to 133cmClass 62 Intermediate WHP-Ponies 133cm to 143cmClass 63 Intermediate WHP-Ponies 143cm to 148cmClass 64 WHP-Ponies to 122cmClass 65 WHP-Ponies 122cm to 133cmClass 66 WHP-Ponies 133cm to 143cmClass 67 WHP -Ponies 143cm to 148cmClass 68 Junior WHP-Ponies to 128cmClass 70 Junior WHP-Ponies 138cm to 148cmClass 71-WHP Jumps to 45cmClass 72-WHP Jumps to 65cmClass 73-WHP Jumps to 65cm Lead Rein StakesPortraits-Portraits