Championship-ColouredChampionship-Open mini (from 39,40)Championships-Champs from 41, 42Championships-Heritage NoviceChampionships-Heritage Open restricted MiniChampionships-Heritage open restricted RiddenChampionships-Heritage Open WHPChampionships-miniChampionships-Novice mini champChampionships-Novice SHPChampionships-Open restricted IntermediateChampionships-Open restricted WHPChampionships-Open Show Pony restrictedChampionships-WHP mini champClass 01-Tiny Tots StakesClass 02-Training Stakes 60cmClass 03-Training Stakes 80cmClass 04-Cradle StakesClass 05-Novice Nursery StakesClass 06-Open Nursery StakesClass 08-Open WHP to 133cmClass 09-Open WHP 143 - 153cmClass 10-Open restricted Intermediate WHPClass 11-WHP exc 148cmClass 12-Novice Mixed HeightClass 14 - Heritage Open WHP 122 - 133cmClass 15 - Heritage Open WHP 133 - 143cmClass 16-Heritage Open exc 143cmClass 17-Novice Heritage WHPClass 18-Novice Intermediate SHClass 19-Open(restricted) Intermediate SHClass 20-Novice SHP 143 - 153cmClass 21-Novice SHP 133 - 43cmClass 22-Novice SHP 122 - 133cmClass 23-Novice SHP to 122cmClass 24-Open SHP 143 - 153cmClass 25-Open SHP 133- 143cmClass 26-Open SHP 122 - 133cmClass 28-Open Lead Rein to 122cmClass 29-Open 1st Pony of SH pony to 122cmClass 30-Novice Show Pony to 128cmClass 31-Novice Show Pony 128 - 138Class 32-Novice Show Pony 138 - 148cmClass 33-Novice Show Pony not exc 128cmClass 34-Novice Show Pony 128 - 138cmClass 36-Novice Intermediate 146 - 158cmClass 37-Open restricted Intermediate 146 - 158cmClass 38-Horse Class exc 148cmClass 39-Lead ReinClass 40-1st riddenClass 41-Restricted Part Bred PonyClass 43-Non Native Pony not exc 153cmClass 44-Non native Horse exc 153cmClass 45-Native, trad, cob, show cobto 148cmClass 46-Native, trad, cob, show cob exc 148cmClass 47-Heritage Novice Lead ReinClass 48-Heritage Novice 1st RIddenClass 49-Novice Ridden Sml BreedsClass 50-Novice Ridden Lge BreedsClass 52-Heritage Open Ridden Welsh A,BClass 54-Heritage Open Ridden New Forest, ConnemaraClass 55-Heritage Open Ridden Fell, Highland, DalesClass 56-Heritage Open Lead ReinClass 57-Heritage Open restricted 1st RiddenClear-Round