Championship-ColouredChampionships-foal youngstockChampionships-Home ProducedChampionships-Hunter Pony BreedingChampionships-M and M  miniChampionships-M and M youngstockChampionships-Part BredChampionships-Ridden M and MChampionships-Sect A FoalChampionships-Sect A youngstockChampionships-Sect B foalChampionships-Sect B youngstockChampionships-Sect C Foal, OverallChampionships-Sect C YoungstockChampionships-Sect D FoalChampionships-Sect D YoungstockChampionships-SupremeChampionships-Supreme Welsh RiddenCHampionships-Welsh RiddenClass 02-Riding Pony Foal to 122cmClass 07-Hunter Pony Breeding foal 133-153cmClass 08-Hunter Pony Breeding yearlingClass 10-Sect A Foal, filly or geldClass 11-Sect A Foal, coltClass 12-Sect A YearlingClass 13-Sect A 2,3yr old filly or geldClass 14-Sect A 2,3yr old coltClass 15-Sect B Foal Filly or geldClass 16-Sect B Foal coltClass 17-Sect B YearlingClass 18-Sect B 2,3 yr old filly or geldClass 20-M and M IH Foal, smallClass 21-M and M foal lgeClass 23-M and M IH Yearling smallClass 26-Piebald, Skewbald IH FoalClass 28-Piebald, Skewbald 2yr oldClass 29-Piebald, Skewbald 3yr oldClass 30-Home Produced FoalClass 31-Home Produced YearlingClass 32-Home Produced 2yr oldClass 33-Home Produced 3yr oldClass 34-Part Bred FoalClass 35-Part Bred YearlingClass 37-Part Bred Coloured Yearling, 2, 3yr oldClass 38-Sect C Foal, FIlly or geldClass 40-Sect C YearlingClass 41-Sect C 2,3 yr filly, geldClass 42-Sect C 2,3 yr coltClass 43-Sect D Foal, Filly or geldClass 44-Sect D Foal, coltClass 45-Sect D YearlingClass 47-Sect D 2,3 yr coltClass 48-Foal any breedClass 50-Foal any breed noviceClass 51-Foal any breed - to make Lead rein, 1st riddenClass 53-Foal any breed - to make Driving PonyClass 54-M and M Novice Lead ReinClass 55-M and M  Lead Rein EquifestClass 56-M and M confined novice 1st riddenClass 57-M and M 1st RiddenClass 58-M and M small breedsClass 61-M and M R Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh A,BClass 65-M and M Small breeds riddenClass 69-Non Native riddenClass 71-Welsh Part bred Ridden horse, ponyClass 73-Sect C RiddenClass 74-Sect B RiddenClass 75-Sect A RiddenClass 76-Sect A , B 1st RiddenClass 77-Sect A , B Lead ReinClass 79-Home produced ridden over 14.2hh