Championship-ChampionshipClass 1-Sect C Foal, filly or geldingClass 2-Sect C Foal, coltClass 3-Sect C yearling colt, filly, geldingClass 4-Sect C 2 or 3yr old  filly, geldingClass 6-Sect D foal, filly or geldingClass 7-Sect D foal, coltClass 10 -Sect D 2 or 3 yr old coltClass 11-Welsh part bred FoalClass 12-Welsh part bred YearlingClass 18-Riding Pony Breeding, Foal under 148cmClass 20 Championship-Hunter Pony Breeding, Foal under 133cmClass 24-Sect A Foal, filly or geldingClass 26-Sect A yearlingClass 27-Sect A 2,3 yr old filly or geldingClass 29-Sect B Foal, Filly or geldClass 30-Sect B Foal, ColtClass 32-Sect B 2 or 3 yr old filly or geldClass 33-Sect B 2 or 3 yr old coltClass 34-Equifest M and M, Foal, smallClass 35-Equifest M and M, Foal, largeClass 36-Equifest M and M, Yearling, smallClass 38-Equifest M and M, 2 or 3 yr smallClass 39-Equifest M and M, 2 or 3 yr largeClass 40-Special sect, FoalClass 41-Special sect, Foal not bred by exhibitorClass 42-Special sect, Novice foalClass 44-Special sect, Foal WHPClass 46-Home produced FoalClass 48-home produced 2yr oldClass 50 IH Special-small breedsClass 52 IH Special-4yrs plusClass 55 Ridden Special-4yrs plusClass 62-M and M confined novice lead reinClass 63-PUK M and M lead rein Winter ClassicClass 64-Confined Novice M and M 1st riddenClass 65-Equifest M and M 1st riddenClass 67 -M and M large breedsClass 68-M and M intermediateClass 70-Confined novice M and MClass 72-M and M large breedsClass 75-Sect A,B lead reinClass 76-Sect A,B 1st riddenClass 77-Sect A and BClass 78-Sect C and D